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1.  When does The Prog post his picks?
The Prognosticator releases the Thursday night game on Wednesday night and all of the rest of the games for the week by Thursday night. This season, Best Bets will be posted on The Prog’s Blog.

2.  How can I buy Best Bets?
After a two-year hiatus, The Prog is giving all his opinions and Best Bets for free for the 2017 season.

You can show The Prog some love at:

3.  Has changed ownership, and is The Prognosticator the same handicapper?
Site ownership has not changed, and The Prognosticator is the same handicapper, using his tried and true formulas and expertise to help you beat the NFL.

4.  How long has been online? has been online since 1996.  Prior to that, the Prognosticator published weekly newsletters beginning in 1986.  He has been handicapping NFL games since 1978.

5.  Is ProgsPicks on Twitter or Facebook?
Yes.  You can follow The Prog on Twitter and Facebook for late-breaking news, tips and analyses.  Also, check out The Prog’s Blog for weekly NFL reviews and weekly Best Bets.
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