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How long has The Prog been handicapping? has been online since 1996.  Prior to that, the Prognosticator published weekly newsletters beginning in 1986.  He has been handicapping NFL games since 1978.

How do you know this isn't our first year on the web? The Internet Archive web site lists from 2000-2012, and you can see “snapshots” of our web pages from those years.

How do you know we can pick winners?  Handicapping has changed over the past few decades. Thirty years ago people would pay for inside information. That certainly could give you a winning edge, but in the age of the Internet, virtually all information is made public. So what good are handicappers today if anyone with a computer can have access to the same information? Well, the truth is there’s too much information to sort though, too many factors that go into a play.  That’s where we come in. We've been online and picking winners since 1996! With our years of experience, we hone in on the relevant facts, throw out the trends that don’t matter, and sift though useless information to concentrate on what really matters and form a logical opinion.

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